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Date: Sunday, January 31, 2010
Time: 3:31 PM

Daddy's coming home from Europe tonight. But FTW - I can't go to the airport to fetch him, because tomorrow's Monday. Which equates to school. Too bad. Wonder what he got me. Hahaha.

Headed out to shop around Ion Orchard with sweeties Valerie, Clarissa, Jeremy, Shakinah, LiBin. Andrew and Jason wanted to come hang with us as well, so there... a whole load of people - more than we planned. *phew, done listing* How typical of us. Anyway, Darren couldn't tag along as planned.

I love Topshop. Madly love it to the max. Valerie, Clarissa, Shakinah & myself shopped in there for goodness knows how long. Mad. mad. crazy. You get the point, don't you? More new year clothings for me. Yeah baby. Though it didn't really apply to Shakinah, she joined us on this crazy spree. Grabbed the images online since they're a much better view of what they actually looked liked. Lazy to find exact pieces so somewhat similar was close enough for me.

I think that's all. Too lazy to go check. Whilst we were shopping in Topshop, Jeremy, Jason, Andrew and LiBin headed down to Topman to shop. They got themselves some items, but not as much when compared to us girls. HAHAHAHA.

To Converse. Got myself nothing there. Though Jeremy got himself a pair. Looks so cool. Was tempted to get one, but nah, already got myself 2 pairs. Then to DIVA. Got myself some earrings and necklaces.

Down to Mango! Lovely shop with no too expensive clothings. Another big spreeee!!! ♥ Oh yeah, photos from Seriously very difficult to find the exact images... but tried my best to fit it as closely as possible, for some of them.

Lunched at Swensen's. Not too bad. Kids meal ftww. :) Haha jk. Spaghetti is gooood. Delicious. The guys ate like pigs man. Total bill was around hundred plus. =_=

Etc, etc... shop walk talk, shop walk talk, shop walk talk, you get it, the usuals. Got too much clothes already. EUGH! I have to get shoes shoes shoes!! And hand bags too, omg. Need to go back to Ion to Loius Vuitton with Mummy. Have to drag her there to get bags for me. Ahhhhh! So many things to do!

Mummy wants to go cut & style hair. She asked me whether I wanted to tag along. Maybe I should. Cut hair for new year. Should rebond hair too. (Y) Yeah, I just made my decision right here. Any suggestions where to go? We don't really have a budget. Was thinking of the Jean Yip one at Ion, the one I passed by today.

Sooo tired right now. Shopping is a very tiring thing. Yet gives you satisfaction. :)

I'm very happy. Hung out with you today. ^^ When I smsed you asking whether you'd like to join us, you instantly replied with a yes and sure, of course! You've made me one very happy girl. But I'm afraid liking you will ruin our current friendship. So baby, I'm trying to act like nothing's changed, we're still those two normal friends, praying hard you won't look in my eyes and see through me. I've been wondering if you've ever liked me back even just for one split second... but we'll never know. I don't have the guts to confess my love for you. And when Valentines day comes around, I'll be the one thinking about you... ♥

Date: Saturday, January 30, 2010
Time: 3:16 PM

You know, leaving rude comments on my tagboard won't get you anywhere. What does that tell everyone? HAHA. My time isn't as free as yours as to randomly chuck your needless words around people's blog. How fatuous. I laugh at it, and it gives me entertainment. Yeah, for like one second. :)

Date: Friday, January 29, 2010
Time: 4:44 PM

I think I just did...
I think I fell in love with you.

Tags will now be replied on the box below the tagboard. Phew! Took me a long time to reply to all tags on the box and to each respective's blog's tagboards. Glad that's over! I thought it looked very messy and huuuge with big clumps of tag replies in each entry, you agree?

Anyway, sorry for not updating yesterday. Went out with Hazel and her boyfriend, Damien, to shop around. I felt like a super "lightbulb" (?!). Hazel last minute told me her boyfriend wanted to tag along, so that was that. After that, headed to McDonalds for a somewhat early dinner. Mmm, so unhealthy yet pleasing. Headed over to Hazel's house after that. Slacked there, did nothing much, nor interesting. Then left her home not long after and cabbed home. Phew. I was quite tired so had a shower, scribbled my homework and tucked right into bed. Thanks for the day Hazel... and Damien. :P Hehe.

And TGIF. Woot.

Daddy's at Europe now. Sobsob. He keep on travelling to different places, not to mention famous, gorgeous and beautiful places around the world. Oh well, home's gonna be less quieter this weekend, again... Might be meeting Valerie, Darren, Clarissa and all of them on Sunday. We'll see how it goes.

P.S: Now, whenever I see your face, sms/talk to you, my heart trembles with fear. I hope... you don't see through me. I don't want to ruin this friendship, because this may be the furthest we may ever go.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Time: 6:00 PM

I'm falling for you, right in front of your eyes.
Yet I'm guessing, you're absolutely clueless....

Cabbed to school today because I was running quite late, since I overslept. Luckily maid knocked on my door, otherwise I'd have pigged until noon. Stayed up superbly late last night to rush through last minute homework and crammed information for Social Studies test.

Anyway, speaking of the Social Studies test, I think I'd surely get a lousy mark. Did quite badly on it. Blame it on my last minute studying. Ftw.

Meeting my Hazel lovee tomorrow after school. She rocks, because she actually saved me from loneliness at home.

Date: Monday, January 25, 2010
Time: 4:55 PM

ZhengRong scared the ()*#$ out of me today in school. Silently crept behind me and suddenly bang tap on my shoulders. Though it wasn't intentional, it shows how feeble I can be sometimes, so please don't do what he did to me okays. -_- Anyway, he came up to tell me his little bro got fever and is sick so his mummy brought him to to KK hospital. (whoops, had to leave yesterday, so am continuing now :S)

Because for some reason, ZhengRong knows my mummy works at KK hospital @ Children's, he asked me to SMS my mummy to ask her if his little bro got see her. HAHA! So interesting. Therefore I SMS'd mummy. After Maths lesson (period 2), received a reply from Mummy. Coincidentally enough, ZhengRong's little bro's doctor IS MY MUMMY! She told me to tell ZhengRong that his little bro will be fine after his dosages of medicines. :) Hahahaha why am I in such a hype, I don't know. I never fail to get excited when one of my mummy's patients are one of my friend/'s siblings.

Was stuck home alone with maids yesterday night. :( 'Cos my jie & kor - Cheryl & Darren was out with their friends. And Mummy worked OT for a bit when Daddy had "business" dinner with clients. And speaking of Daddy, he's flying over to Europe for a business trip for a couple of days. Forgot when. Think it's Friday? Coming back on Sunday night if I'm not wrong. So you see how bad this is? SOMEONE 救我 CAN?!

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is stuck in my head right now. *screams*

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010
Time: 3:09 AM
Hey darlings. Am at this blog now. Changed due to those idiotic spammers and attention seekers out there located at my old blog. Hopefully they'll stay away. Or at least for the moment.

Decided not to link anyone, therefore vice-versa - need not link me either. Realise that's where all those unneeded visitors arrive, while bloghopping, or stalking, etc. Feel free to link me up if you'd like though, I just feel it's unfair if I don't link you when you link me.


Enough of those blog information. On to my life now. Outing with Jenna, Bryan, KaiLin, Valerie, Derrick and JunJie. Cabbed down to Vivocity & waited outside Harbourfont MRT for them to arrive. Because I was the only one, except Jenna, to cab down to Vivocity, I arrived first. Mad crazy. The wait was super sian. Then luckily Jenna came not long after I did. Hooray for cabs.

Went in & walked around Vivocity when all of them came. Headed into Forever 21 with the girls. I love my Mummy. She gave me extra money today... because she was at home and knew I was going out with friends. She asked me to get some new clothes since Chinese New Year is approaching, so I therefore went for a shopping spree. Mad love. Extremely lazy today, so the following pictures of what I got today are from the internet.

They're either the same or something similar, since I couldn't find the exact images for some. Been quite some time since I stepped into Forever 21! Heh, satisfied with what I got there. Plan to go there again in the near future to get more stuff, since they have lovely clothes. Didn't get more since I felt bad for making them wait. Sorry boys! /: But thanks for waiting for us! Haha.

Walked around more, and passed the shop Valerie. Haha the crazy Valerie, no surprise, screamed "OMG MY SHOP!". Hur hur hur, we all know lah. Bryan that funny fella even whispered and predicted to me that Valerie will yell some comment about the shop. Turns out, Bryan was right.

To Burger King for lunch. Ate a burger and coke and shared fries with them. Jenna's so slim already yet claims she's on and needs a diet. Wasn't going to eat any burger. Crazy much? She just ate fries & Milo. Even Derrick thinks she's joking with all of us.

Afterwards, went to catch the movie, The Spy Next Door. Quite a good movie, though not like, MAD amazing. Lived up to my expectations though, HA. KaiLin thought it was not worth the watch, and that it was lousy, yet Bryan & Valerie thought it was superb. Hahehaha.

Anyway, that's all for now. Will & hopefully update soon.
Lovee, Priscilla. ♥

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