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Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time: 11:18 PM

With Kailin deaaaar. x

Yus, guess what? Out for dinner tomorrow with family, AGAIN. At Les Amis.

'Cos Daddy went to this place the other time when he was meeting with a client and commented on how the food was pretty guud.

And Mummy had to try it, so he reserved a place for tomorrow evening. Yeeey yey yey. :)  

"Smart and elegant dress code"  - oh hahaha. Got to come straight home from school then, and prepare. No slacking around after school tomorrow, guyz!!

Looks so elegant. :)

Went to ION today with my sist.

Headed in to Dior. That Cheryl couldn't resist getting that particular fragrance. Ah, darn. But I got to admit, the smell is reaaally unbelievably nice. So shan't blame her for that.  

Zara, Valentino, Topshop (yey!), The Body Shop, and to Swarovski. Cheryl showed me the crystals Mummy was deciding to get. Like thousand plus bucks? Shut. -.-

Then went to Louis Vuitton, which I saw a bag that made my heart melt. Hahaha, forget it. Mummy's going to be quite mad if I bought another bag yet from Louis Vuitton without her consent... at this price. Must. Stop. Going. To. Shops.

Anyway, stopped by The Taiyaki and Tori Q to get some snacks before cabbing home.

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