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Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Time: 10:42 PM

Why do I look like the older one here? Ahem.
Cheryl's probably gonna keeel me for this. x_x

Guess whaaat? Mr. Teo actually did not pick on me and said anything to me today - at all!! How freggin' amazing is that? :O Reen said to me at the end of the day, "Oh my gosh, that m'st'Teo didn't say anything to you today leh!!" Then right at the moment, I realized how true she was. :P

Met up with my babyboy Jeremy ♥ today after school for a shop around at VivoCity. Managed to get a top at Forever 21 for about $49.99 (if I didn't remember wrongly). It was so pretty I really could not resist my temptation.

Anyway, I chanced upon Germaine whom I have not seen for years!! Wow it was really shocking. I heard someone called out my name - quite hesitantly, in fact. I turned back and there she was!! Haha. She's still the good old Germaine I know. :) She was with a friends shopping around as well. Stopped and had a chat with her for a while, and managed to grab hold and exchanged numbers too. Then we bid farewell, and promised to keep in touch. ^^

Mummy SMS'd me afterwards, asking me where I was...
Me: At VivoCity with Jeremy. 
Mummy: You having dinner with him or not?
Me: Uh idk yet maybe?
Mummy: K. Cos we going to Tung Lok tonight for dinner. If you want, ask him to join us yeah?
Asked Jeremy whether he wanted to join us for dinner at Tung Lok or not, and he was like so paiseh you know. He kept on saying no no no no no continuously.  Then I said that REALLY, my Mummy invited you so you don't have to be so shy lahhhhhh. Hahha. Blah blah. He finally gave in and said he'll come. :) Whooppeee.
Me: Yup Jeremy coming. Meet you where @ wat time?

Hah. ^^ Luvly dinner with Jeremy. Perhaps pretty awkward, him around my family at first, but thanks Daddy & Mummy for being so casual around him. :) And he knew Cheryl and Darren a bit anyways, so it became less awkward afterwards. Dropped him off near his place and drove straight home. That kutie, ^^ kept thanking parents haha. But then they said "No, no, definitely not. Treat it as a thank you from us for treating Priscilla so well" Aw, ilyy.:)

Time to rush my homework. Take care sweetieeeez. :)

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