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Loves ♥ her baby boy Jeremy to the max; [this day] 140210 is a day I'll never forget. Sweetest boy, sweetest friends. Just a lucky girl with a lucky life that's dearly cherished - every single moment. Can't live without my Babyboy♥, family and (best) friends - because you guys are my entire life. ^^

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Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010
Time: 4:56 PM

You claim I'm a "spoiled bratty rich betch" who gets whatever I want just because my "parents are loaded". Wtf buddy... I've had enough. Look at you, always putting up a tough exterior looking all gang'd-up and stuff. Trying to rid people off / scare them using your tough gang look, and using that to dominate everyone? Oh please. Who likes you? Hahaha, you don't even listen to anyone and when I shame you out in front of your face, you pull that 'I'm tough, go away' attitude. Lol, how pathetic.


Dedicated to you, honey. I can be just as horrifying looking as you - I just choose not to. ;) I didn't do anything to you, and neither have I ever talked to you fully. You just shoot me negative comments and it's just like, wtf? "Your father big business man is it? Chey. Your mother is a doctor, so what?" My response... NO, REALLY, SO WHAT? It's amazing how you even know my mother's a doctor when I don't even talk to you much - and not only that, you start harassing me partially because of that? Jealousy kills, sweetie.

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Time: 5:55 PM


Life is still the same.
Exams suck.
Jeremy my baby boy, I love him to pieces.
Valerie, my dear finally got together with her hottieboy. ;)
Happy happy relationships.
But my bro Darren broke up with his girl.
...All still good mates.
I wonder how.
Lovin' the time spent shopping.
With my girlies.
Guys, you're cool too.
Live life, party hard.
Spin the bottle, truth or dare.
Hugs and kisses, long and deep.
Planning another overseas trip this holiday with fam.

Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Time: 4:14 PM

I look strange. Deal with it. This was quite some time ago.

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this public blog of mine. I'll update more in the next two days, I promise. Gotta go now. Take care sweethearts. :)

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