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Date: Friday, March 26, 2010
Time: 11:49 PM

ION again before Les Amis dinner with Mummy and Cheryl.

Showed her that sweet azz bag in Louis Vuitton and she said I can get it depending on my results for the upcoming Maths test lykohsh0tt! I'm gonna ace that test and get that bag *dazes off* watch meee.

Anyway, the main reason is to purchase the crystals. It's actually for an auntie's birthday gift. Bet she'll love it ttm. ^^

Mummy's getting her hair styled on Sunday. Should I get mine too? Rebond it again or something... ah, not sure. Cheryl's getting highlights and fringe cut. Confused state of mind.

Met Daddy in Les Amis after he dropped off at work. FAR OUT. Such a jaw dropping restaurant. Would love to go there again. Ambience is amazing. Food's good tooz. I especially loved the dessert omg. Not sure what it's called but it's really sweet and soft and aahhh heavenly.

Meeting dear babyboy Jeremy ♥ and Valerie tomorrow. Yey.

Sorry for the short update. Rushing to go to sleep. xo Take care sweeties.

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