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Date: Friday, February 26, 2010
Time: 3:52 PM
Daddy flew off to China again, yesterday, for yet another business trip. Mummy's not back home yet. And that brother of mine is blasting his PS3 games with his friends in the living room.

Ahhhh! Where's Jeremy!? That dudeeeey were supposed to be here about 15 minutes ago. Late? Duhhhh. We'll be heading out later to VivoCity. (again, I know, blehx) Any OTHER suggestions of where to go? Everywhere seems pretty normal to me. Recommendations pleeeeze!

And I just randomly found out from my Dad a few days ago that the reunion meal at My Humble House we had with family/relatives was over a thousand bucks $1000+. The food was above average, it wasn't that spectacular. Oh well.

And sorry for the lack of updates. >.< Homework piles and piles. Can't wait for the upcoming March holidays, though! Shall plan the wackiest and most funnest holidays ever with those hunniez of mine. :) You guys up for it?

Update and tag replies when I get back. Love you allz my sweetieeeez. ^^

Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010
Time: 8:50 PM
140210 ♥
I love you Jeremy.

That sweetheart... oh, what he did for me today is indescribable. The boy whom I've admired from afar, the boy whom I fell in love with unexpectedly, is now my baby boy. :) They say the best feeling in this world is knowing the person who you like, likes you back. If you have disbelief in this quote, well, trust me - don't; because it's true.


Met up with Jeremy as my Valentine for the day/year at around 6-7pm at Central. When I reached there, Jeremy was there already. He claimed that he just reached, which I still am unsure about. Haha. Then he handed me a cuteeee bear with a heart and chocolates plus a rose. My heart melted. He said "Happy Valentines" to me. :)

Etc etc, then I asked where those guys (and girlz) are, and he said that they'll be late. Okay then, I thought. Shall brief the following unimportant parts up. Had dinner with him, and they still haven't come!! Yeah, I admit I somewhat found it strange. But I liked the moment we shared together alone. Finished dinner, had a slow talk and walk down the river. At that time, the sky was dark-ish already.


Okay, nothing big. We were halfway through on the bridge already, when Jeremy suddenly turned to me and said,

"You know, I didn't give you those chocolates, roses and bear just because you're my Valentine for the day... I'm going mad inside right now and I HAVE TO SAY THIS TONIGHT after getting the guts to even ask you to be my valentines, but will you not only be my valentines today, but tomorrow, the week, month after and forever??"

I swear. I swear. I swear I was so shocked, so surprised, so out of this world, until I could have jumped off the bridge out of insanity. But of course I didn't. At that moment, I didn't know what to do. Okay, come on, sympathize with me.

I froze in mid air. Then at that time, Jeremy looked like he was going to BURST HAHAHAH!!! Just kidding. He stared at me. Waiting for a respond. I was super blur after that shock. First thing that came to mind was "what do you mean?" so I just immediately blurted that out. Anyway, I wanted to make sure, right? :/

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Then me, as an emotional pig, I rolled a tear and said yes, of course. And then he hugged me. Awww. :'( Then suddenly, out of the blue, I heard a familiar voice. A scream. Or cheer. From Valerie, then Hazel. Daniel, KaiLin, Jason-L, Edwin, Rachel and JunHao!! The rushed towards me and oh, first thing I thought... was of them being secretive cheeky things.

They planned it all beforehand. How sly and cunning... oh and well planned out. But I really appreciated it. It was so sweet of them. :) Couldn't help but roll more tears... OF JOY!! I hugged Valerie and all of them. Best Valentines... ever.

When we were done with the day, we parted. Said good bye AND THANK YOU to them all. Yesss, Valerie, Hazel, Daniel, KaiLin, Jason-L, Edwin, Rachel and JunHao! You guys rock. ♥ Valerie wanted to tag to my house, but then she said, "Ai ya, shan't bother with you two HAVE A GOOD NIGHT pssssst Pris tell me what happen tomorrow okok bye bye!" *runs away with Hazel, with Hazel saying "SEE YOU DARLING"* Hahaha I love 'emmmm. :)

Me and Jeremy left. Hailed for a cab. He said he'd send me home. ^^ Kuteeee sweeeetie. It was almost midnight already then. On the cab, I asked him, "Ey, you plan this all is it?" He said yes, with the idea from Valerie & them. Haha. Then had a talk with him, reached home. Told him no need to send me up but he insisted. At the lobby lift while waiting, I told him I had a wonderful day, probably the best day in my life. No need to send me right to my doorstep. He finally gave in and said, "Alright. First day together... actually, first few hours together... lets take it slowly, GOOD BYE HAND SHAKE?" Hahahahahha lmao. Then I shook his hand. Then suggested, "how about a good bye hug instead?"

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010
Time: 11:29 AM

Happy CNY Eve to all out there!

Will be heading down to My Humble House with my family and meeting relatives there for reunion dinner. :) Daddy booked the reservations. I questioned him whether the restaurant's nice or not, and he directed me to the website as linked and asked me to see for myself. HAHA. So I did. Looks pretty nice. :)

Shall go have a bath and start preparing now. My sissy got this heck good mascara (according to her) the other day and she's gonna let me try today. Moohahaha. But not sure which to use, since she got a Maybelline and Lancome one, and she thinks both are just as good. So excited, rofl. MY MUMMY SAY SHE ALSO WANT TO TRY, HAHAHAHA.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I guess Jeremy will be my Valentines tomorrow. :O This is what happened, through SMS. I translated it from SMS language to proper English, since it's easier to read. But left the original SMS below if you find that easier to read, loololl.

Jeremy: Hello Priscilla, how are you?
hellooo priscilla hw r u?
Me: Hey Jeremy :) I'm good, how about you?
Hey jeremy :) im good, hbu?
Jeremy: Good good. By the way, are you going anywhere tomorrow?
gud gud btw r u goin newhere tmr?
Me: Ummm, probably out with Valerie and stuff, but not sure yet... why?
Umm, probably out with val & stuff but not sure yet... why?
Jeremy: Oh, ok. Because I was wondering if you want to join me for a couple valentines outing with the guys and their girlfriends... haha.
oh ok cos woz wonderin if u want t join me for a couple valentines outing wif the guys & their gfs..haha
Me: Lol huh? Couple outing? But you know I'm single, LOL.
Lol huh? Couple outing... but u know im single LOLLL.
Jeremy: Yah lah, that's why I asked you. Since we're both single, you want to be my valentines for the day? Wait, you don't have a valentines yet, right?
ya la, dats y i ask u. since we both single, u want 2 be my valentines 4 th day???wait, u dun hv valentines yet rite?
Me: Nope, lol. And sure thing, if you don't mind, hahaha.
Nop lol. & Suure, if u dont mind, hahaha
Jeremy: Kk, uhh, wait, can I call you now? SMSing is super slow, lol.
kk uh wait can call u now? sms super slow lol
Me: Okay, call me now. :)
ok call me nw :)

Yeah, then Jeremy called me. We talked and discussed stuff. Basically, will meet him tomorrow as his Valentines! =D I'm outta this worlddddd. His usual friends will be there too, along with their girlfriends. Hmms, I'm not very very super duper familiar with them but at least I know them and talk to them from time to time. So it wouldn't be that awkward. Not sure about some of their girlfriends though. =/

Shall update when I get back. Loves.

Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Time: 3:03 PM

Nothing has been up lately. Another ton of apologies for not updating frequently.

Anyway, Valentines Day is approaching. Oh, that means CNY too. Sissy's boyfriend came over to our house for dinner last night. Got to know him more and he's really friendly. ^^ I approve! Hahaha! Just kidding. Cheryl will still continue her relationship with him even if I disapprove. Tsk tsk. Never listen to the youngsters.


Yeeeeez Valerie. I needed to post that. And I used his out-of-this-world nickname to address him! Hottieboy. :) Hahahaha! Good times. And I don't think he reads my blog sooo it should be fine. Otherwise he'll come running after me and spilling coke all over my top on purpose just to get me back. BUT! I have Valerie as my defence. Kk.

WELL! Valentines day. Valerie and her hottieboy's gotta date on that day. Along with Hazel and Damien. Grrr angryface. She asked me to come along but I know she don't want me to come but just asking for the sake of asking. How evil is that girl!? Plus I don't want to go and interfere with their love moments anyway, HAHAHA! Jkjkjk.

Nothing else to post for now. Shall update soon, I promiseeee. ♥ Stay tuned lovees.

Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Time: 9:32 PM

Hey darlings. Apologies for the lack of update. Been living a pretty hectic life these past few days. Homework has flooded me like BANG. Ugh, damn it. It draws my (social) life away.

Anyways, after school today, I went down to Popular with Valerie and WeiLin. ^^ Got ourselves some stationery and books. Had a walk around and chatted, then departed our own ways. Shortly after, I met Jeremy and his friends by chance. What a small world, and such a coincidence. Since I had nothing to do but head back home, I decided I shall join them for a while. They headed to McDonalds and we slacked there.

After awhile, I decided to zoom straight home since I had a bag load of homework to complete by tomorrow so I bid good bye to them. Jeremy decided to tag along with me since he didn't have much to do anyway. I asked him "you sure or not?!?!" hahaha and he replied "of course!". So sweet. I planned on taking a cab home but since he was so nice to follow me, I couldn't just say I'm going in a cab, right? He was going to take the MRT, thus, I just followed him and take. And plus I haven't took MRT since yonks anyway. ^^ Decided to drop at his station then take a cab from there.

When we reached his station, got out of there, I was kindly invited to go up to his condo, since it was still early and I, as previously mentioned, needn't do much but go home. Mummy and Daddy was still at work, my jie and kor probably not at home so no point going back to no-one anyway... so I agreed. ^^

I wished I brought my swimming costume, though that'd be quite random, because I love swimming at different people's condo. The swimming pool at my house will always be there, thus I find no excitement in swimming at home, hahahaha. I know I'm... strange. Headed up to his floor and just slacked there, pretty much. Had a share of his snacks whilst watching TV.

Told him I probably should head home to start on my homework (coughexcusecough) but... he said I could do it there. And he could also help me. So I just did it there. Hahahaa omg lol. Then his mother came home after a while. I greeted her. She was so nice and young like omgnokidding. By that time, it was early evening already, and she invited me to stay for dinner. :O Felt like (CENSORED) because I couldn't. Told her I had to go back home for dinner and she said maybe next time! ^^ Nice right!

Jeremy sent me down and waited with me while I hailed for a cab. Sat there and had a quality talk. Because the (CENSORED) cabs weren't at sight at all. Made me mad pissed. Okay, I know Jeremy doesn't have a blog, and not much people know my URL (my guess o.o) so I'm gonna come right out and say this: It was awkward around him. Close friends will know why. o.o So finally, a cab came. When I was about to go on, he said good bye. Yep. And you know what he (CENSORED) did? LIKE WHAT THE (CENSORED)!? I couldn't (CENSORED) believe it.


Oh my (CENSORED) I was shocked. Speechless. I did not see that coming. At all. Then, I melted... I swear I did.

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