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Date: Monday, March 29, 2010
Time: 11:20 PM
Hii sweeties. :) Sorry for kind of abandoning this blog of mine. Been slaving over Maths because I need to ace the test so Mummy will get me that beautiful bag. Oh, how. Halfway there, halfway there! I'll make sure it comes to my possession. ♥

Cheryl highlighted her hair and okay, I've got to admit sissy, I do love like it. Yes, jealousy. :( With that Mr. Teo around me scrutinizing on weekdays, a strand of dyed hair would seriously equate to a heck load of noise from him. Shuckz. I'll get over it.

Went out with babyboy Jeremy ♥,  Valerie deary, her hottieboy :P and Jason L. Hahaha (x million) - Jason is seriously one of the fregging funniest guy ever. Chilll'd at Macs for some snacks and drinks. Jason was hungry until he cannot take it, so just went there. Got myself some fries and everyone robbed it and left me not much. Yuuu guys are so gr33dyx. Then while Jason was chomping on his burger, I went to reply the messages on blog and that Valerie supposedly "started a trend" to tag on my blog with mobile web HUH. So much for "trend". *cough*

Darren kor got his girlfriend Claire over for dinner on last night. Chillaxing in front of the television on the comfy sofa with them and Cheryl = the life to live. HAHAHA. (Y) Ah dude it was fun anyhow. Music on full blast for half the time too rocking with the tunes? Hahaha, it sure was a crazy night.

Next weekend, catching up with Valen!! :) Cheryl too. We have not seen him for fregging ages. Too bad Darren's got soccer otherwise he'd be joining us, pshhh. So much for "wanting to catch up" huh Darrrey.

Kay guys, I cut Cheryl out of the pic because I don't want her coming after me again kthx (L).

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