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Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time: 5:43 PM
hey baby girll, =)
jeremy here!! you never told me about this blog of yours leh. haha, jason told me about it when he posted a message on here. anyway we are on your laptop now... waiting to change into swimming things and go join u guys down there. i get the privilege to post on ur blog LOL. think u shud log out everytime u have a party or w/e coz especially this jason...uh as u know him.. no need to explain right. hahah mumbling on abt things to kill waiting time.your parents areee indescribable in a good cool, HAHA..and your brother darren and sis cheryl.HAHAHA help you to randomly post a random pic since all ur post got pics. CRAZY girl baby. okaay andy's out.. my turn to go in..
i love youuu my pris-cess =D 

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