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Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010
Time: 4:56 PM

You claim I'm a "spoiled bratty rich betch" who gets whatever I want just because my "parents are loaded". Wtf buddy... I've had enough. Look at you, always putting up a tough exterior looking all gang'd-up and stuff. Trying to rid people off / scare them using your tough gang look, and using that to dominate everyone? Oh please. Who likes you? Hahaha, you don't even listen to anyone and when I shame you out in front of your face, you pull that 'I'm tough, go away' attitude. Lol, how pathetic.


Dedicated to you, honey. I can be just as horrifying looking as you - I just choose not to. ;) I didn't do anything to you, and neither have I ever talked to you fully. You just shoot me negative comments and it's just like, wtf? "Your father big business man is it? Chey. Your mother is a doctor, so what?" My response... NO, REALLY, SO WHAT? It's amazing how you even know my mother's a doctor when I don't even talk to you much - and not only that, you start harassing me partially because of that? Jealousy kills, sweetie.

Date: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Time: 5:55 PM


Life is still the same.
Exams suck.
Jeremy my baby boy, I love him to pieces.
Valerie, my dear finally got together with her hottieboy. ;)
Happy happy relationships.
But my bro Darren broke up with his girl.
...All still good mates.
I wonder how.
Lovin' the time spent shopping.
With my girlies.
Guys, you're cool too.
Live life, party hard.
Spin the bottle, truth or dare.
Hugs and kisses, long and deep.
Planning another overseas trip this holiday with fam.

Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Time: 4:14 PM

I look strange. Deal with it. This was quite some time ago.

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this public blog of mine. I'll update more in the next two days, I promise. Gotta go now. Take care sweethearts. :)

Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Time: 8:16 AM


Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Time: 3:41 PM

Love you guys, x.

O W N E D .
O W N E D .
O W N E D . 

 I approve of it. Well said.:)


I have no reason to steep down to your level of stupidity to deal with you lot of people not even worth my time. Literally. ;) You win, because I don't even want to start this nuisance you created. Like I care at all.

Topped Maths test in class,  bruthaaaa. Guess who's happy now? Hur. Not only I get my LV bag but  I'mma going for a shopping spree  because of that. Worth it all, baby. Yep, that's right. I get to splurge on whatever I want with Mummy's credit card. Well, I won't got that far as to get everything - I have my limits.

Picture flood on private blog. Warning you all in advance. :P  I love you guys. x

Date: Friday, April 2, 2010
Time: 12:51 AM

Certain people should learn to get over things. And I'm not enumerating any names, so think about it. What I did was not even a big deal or anything, and in fact, it was perfectly fine and had no faults at all. Who are you to command me on what to do? And based on what do you think I'm going to carry out your specific "imperatives"? Dream on, buddy, dream on.

Enough of certain people's rigmarole talk. Maths test today went considerably facilely. Pretty mirthful about that. Just hoping it actually reflects on the marks so I can swipe Mummy's credit card @ Louis Vuitton.  Oh gorgeous bag. Obsession.

Either way, it was an average day for me.  H2h talk with Clarissa. (hence the pic on the left so there's some relation?) Thanks for confiding in me dear. Remember I'll always be here for you if you ever need me again.

Talked to baby boy Jeremy ♥ on the phone until midnight. After hanging up the phone, he sms'd me another good night. Hah, kuteeee. Almost 1am already. Time to "hit the sack" (hahah Valarie).

Love you guys. x

Date: Monday, March 29, 2010
Time: 11:20 PM
Hii sweeties. :) Sorry for kind of abandoning this blog of mine. Been slaving over Maths because I need to ace the test so Mummy will get me that beautiful bag. Oh, how. Halfway there, halfway there! I'll make sure it comes to my possession. ♥

Cheryl highlighted her hair and okay, I've got to admit sissy, I do love like it. Yes, jealousy. :( With that Mr. Teo around me scrutinizing on weekdays, a strand of dyed hair would seriously equate to a heck load of noise from him. Shuckz. I'll get over it.

Went out with babyboy Jeremy ♥,  Valerie deary, her hottieboy :P and Jason L. Hahaha (x million) - Jason is seriously one of the fregging funniest guy ever. Chilll'd at Macs for some snacks and drinks. Jason was hungry until he cannot take it, so just went there. Got myself some fries and everyone robbed it and left me not much. Yuuu guys are so gr33dyx. Then while Jason was chomping on his burger, I went to reply the messages on blog and that Valerie supposedly "started a trend" to tag on my blog with mobile web HUH. So much for "trend". *cough*

Darren kor got his girlfriend Claire over for dinner on last night. Chillaxing in front of the television on the comfy sofa with them and Cheryl = the life to live. HAHAHA. (Y) Ah dude it was fun anyhow. Music on full blast for half the time too rocking with the tunes? Hahaha, it sure was a crazy night.

Next weekend, catching up with Valen!! :) Cheryl too. We have not seen him for fregging ages. Too bad Darren's got soccer otherwise he'd be joining us, pshhh. So much for "wanting to catch up" huh Darrrey.

Kay guys, I cut Cheryl out of the pic because I don't want her coming after me again kthx (L).

Date: Friday, March 26, 2010
Time: 11:49 PM

ION again before Les Amis dinner with Mummy and Cheryl.

Showed her that sweet azz bag in Louis Vuitton and she said I can get it depending on my results for the upcoming Maths test lykohsh0tt! I'm gonna ace that test and get that bag *dazes off* watch meee.

Anyway, the main reason is to purchase the crystals. It's actually for an auntie's birthday gift. Bet she'll love it ttm. ^^

Mummy's getting her hair styled on Sunday. Should I get mine too? Rebond it again or something... ah, not sure. Cheryl's getting highlights and fringe cut. Confused state of mind.

Met Daddy in Les Amis after he dropped off at work. FAR OUT. Such a jaw dropping restaurant. Would love to go there again. Ambience is amazing. Food's good tooz. I especially loved the dessert omg. Not sure what it's called but it's really sweet and soft and aahhh heavenly.

Meeting dear babyboy Jeremy ♥ and Valerie tomorrow. Yey.

Sorry for the short update. Rushing to go to sleep. xo Take care sweeties.

Date: Thursday, March 25, 2010
Time: 11:18 PM

With Kailin deaaaar. x

Yus, guess what? Out for dinner tomorrow with family, AGAIN. At Les Amis.

'Cos Daddy went to this place the other time when he was meeting with a client and commented on how the food was pretty guud.

And Mummy had to try it, so he reserved a place for tomorrow evening. Yeeey yey yey. :)  

"Smart and elegant dress code"  - oh hahaha. Got to come straight home from school then, and prepare. No slacking around after school tomorrow, guyz!!

Looks so elegant. :)

Went to ION today with my sist.

Headed in to Dior. That Cheryl couldn't resist getting that particular fragrance. Ah, darn. But I got to admit, the smell is reaaally unbelievably nice. So shan't blame her for that.  

Zara, Valentino, Topshop (yey!), The Body Shop, and to Swarovski. Cheryl showed me the crystals Mummy was deciding to get. Like thousand plus bucks? Shut. -.-

Then went to Louis Vuitton, which I saw a bag that made my heart melt. Hahaha, forget it. Mummy's going to be quite mad if I bought another bag yet from Louis Vuitton without her consent... at this price. Must. Stop. Going. To. Shops.

Anyway, stopped by The Taiyaki and Tori Q to get some snacks before cabbing home.

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Time: 10:42 PM

Why do I look like the older one here? Ahem.
Cheryl's probably gonna keeel me for this. x_x

Guess whaaat? Mr. Teo actually did not pick on me and said anything to me today - at all!! How freggin' amazing is that? :O Reen said to me at the end of the day, "Oh my gosh, that m'st'Teo didn't say anything to you today leh!!" Then right at the moment, I realized how true she was. :P

Met up with my babyboy Jeremy ♥ today after school for a shop around at VivoCity. Managed to get a top at Forever 21 for about $49.99 (if I didn't remember wrongly). It was so pretty I really could not resist my temptation.

Anyway, I chanced upon Germaine whom I have not seen for years!! Wow it was really shocking. I heard someone called out my name - quite hesitantly, in fact. I turned back and there she was!! Haha. She's still the good old Germaine I know. :) She was with a friends shopping around as well. Stopped and had a chat with her for a while, and managed to grab hold and exchanged numbers too. Then we bid farewell, and promised to keep in touch. ^^

Mummy SMS'd me afterwards, asking me where I was...
Me: At VivoCity with Jeremy. 
Mummy: You having dinner with him or not?
Me: Uh idk yet maybe?
Mummy: K. Cos we going to Tung Lok tonight for dinner. If you want, ask him to join us yeah?
Asked Jeremy whether he wanted to join us for dinner at Tung Lok or not, and he was like so paiseh you know. He kept on saying no no no no no continuously.  Then I said that REALLY, my Mummy invited you so you don't have to be so shy lahhhhhh. Hahha. Blah blah. He finally gave in and said he'll come. :) Whooppeee.
Me: Yup Jeremy coming. Meet you where @ wat time?

Hah. ^^ Luvly dinner with Jeremy. Perhaps pretty awkward, him around my family at first, but thanks Daddy & Mummy for being so casual around him. :) And he knew Cheryl and Darren a bit anyways, so it became less awkward afterwards. Dropped him off near his place and drove straight home. That kutie, ^^ kept thanking parents haha. But then they said "No, no, definitely not. Treat it as a thank you from us for treating Priscilla so well" Aw, ilyy.:)

Time to rush my homework. Take care sweetieeeez. :)

Date: Monday, March 22, 2010
Time: 3:52 PM

With Ameliaaa love again. :)
Haha, she asked me to "darken/hide" her face so nobody can see,
since it's quite "ugly" as according to her. WHERE GOT?! :@

Hey sweeties. How's you all's first day back at school? Haha, back to school again. And not a very good start for me. That Mr. Teo went on reprimanding me on how "unacceptable" my hair was. And how my skirt was being pulled up. Uh, like seriously, get a life!! And get your eyes checked perhaps? I hardly ever pull my skirt up and it's not even short. It's the damn length my skirt is!! It's my size for goodness' sake. Is he suggesting to me to get a bigger skirt which means I will not be able to fit it... therefore making my skirt drop? Is that what he wants? Lol ok sozzies. Anyway, secondly, my hair... tied up, pinned perfectly. Yet, it's still not up to his standards. I swear he's out there to get me especially. WHAT HAVE I DONE TO HIM!?!?

Valen's awezum photoshoot picz he did!!
Aw I dearly miss yoo guys soo much... :(

(HAHAHA, free promoting on my blog Valen, thank me okeys!!)

Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Time: 4:16 PM

Ameliaaa, classmate. Loved. x

Aw, my baby boy ♥ is so kute!! Haha. Also, he typed up the previous post on my blog and didn't press publish so I had to publish it for him this morning. And thanks to him for posting such an unglamorous photo HAH. Even says so by Valerie dear. *ahem*

Anywaaaayy, the party yesterday was all well! Except the weather didn't quite co-operate with us. The rain kind of cleared up though, so went to the outside pool. Though we spent some time staying in the indoor's and spa. Oh, how I love you spa pool.

And thank yoo maids for BBQing most of our food!! Though we all wanted to BBQ things also, so we all took turns to help them ^^. Honey glazed chicken wings loved. Randy stoleee the last piece *sob*.

Played Truth or Dare indoors after our swim/food/etc. (It always feels good when you swim, bathe, turn on the air con inside even though ours is pretty much always on) ANYWAY, we all found out some truths about others... mwahahah! But we promised whatever was said that night, stays where it came out from. (Okay, that didn't make sense at all) But you know what we mean - MOUTHS SHUT. Hahaha, and one of the dares suggested by Felicia: "Call Kenneth and tell him you loveee him oh so much!!" And it was Andrew's dare. HAHAHA!! Kenneth's reaction damn classic, I tell you. He was like, "Uh, Andrew ah? You okay or not?" Lol and then we all cracked up laughing... though it only lasted for a few seconds before everything was exposed. Perfect response. So calm LOL.

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Time: 5:43 PM
hey baby girll, =)
jeremy here!! you never told me about this blog of yours leh. haha, jason told me about it when he posted a message on here. anyway we are on your laptop now... waiting to change into swimming things and go join u guys down there. i get the privilege to post on ur blog LOL. think u shud log out everytime u have a party or w/e coz especially this jason...uh as u know him.. no need to explain right. hahah mumbling on abt things to kill waiting time.your parents areee indescribable in a good cool, HAHA..and your brother darren and sis cheryl.HAHAHA help you to randomly post a random pic since all ur post got pics. CRAZY girl baby. okaay andy's out.. my turn to go in..
i love youuu my pris-cess =D 

Date: Friday, March 19, 2010
Time: 5:48 PM

Finally returned Singapore from Amsterdam flight. Whew. Absolutely worth the trip. It's a superbly beaaauutiful place, trust me. :) Too bad it wasn't longer, otherwise we'd have more time to go to more places!! (well duh) My (sleeping) timings are all corrupted. -.- Damnit.

Too tired, still, to upload pictures. So my Hazel(lily), patience okay? LOL. Haha, anyway, friends, it'll be on soon enough. :) It's worth the wait hahaha, I shall make you see the beauty of the place and make you go "WOAH", alrighty? Stay tuned, you guys.

Annnyway, party @ my place tomorrow!! The much looked forward thing hahahaha (oh yeps). BBQ, swim, spa... so bring you swimming stuff. *prays for good weather* Otherwise, we'll just head into the indoor pool/spa. :) Ohh yes. It's going to be fun!! Mummy ordered *@(#loads of yummy food so you guys can come hog the food tooz. Especially directed to you, Jason-L. *ahem*

Date: Monday, March 15, 2010
Time: 5:31 PM

Off to Amsterdam in a few hours' time! Leaving for the airport pretty soon. Just for 3 days though. Blehs, wish it would be longer but then, on the bright side, big big party with those wacky girlies and guys when I get back. ^^ Looking forward to that, surely! But til' then, don't miss me too much *grin*, will be back with lots of photos on my private blog! :)

Love you guys! xo.
And I love yoouuuu, Jeremy. Your hugs are the warmest and your kisses are the sweetest. 
Be back soon sweeeetie. Thanks for last night. You're the bestest. ♥

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